Frequently Asked Questions


  • A Bluetooth or Wi-Fi OBD adapter is required. You can find a list of supported adapters here. It is not possible to connect to any other than the listed devices.

  • The app supports BMW F and G series cars and F series Minis. You can find a detailed list of the supported cars here. Older E series BMWs and R series Minis are not supported.

  • You can find a detailed list of the supported cars and options here. Please note that some of the listed options may not be available or do not work depending on the software and configuration of your car.


  • Please make sure you followed the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. Additionally it is not possible to connect to the car with an adapter other than the devices listed here.

    You may also be attempting to connect to a car that is not supported. Please check the compatibility here.


  • It is recommended to code with the engine off and ignition turned on.

  • After coding the ECU is reset and therefore not reachable for the other ECUs in the car for a short time. This results in errors displayed in the car, but these errors will disappear after turning the ignition off and on again.

  • No. Even when the connection is interrupted during coding or an error occurs, the coding data can be restored using a backup and then the ECU will operate completely normal again. Please note that using expert mode incorrectly can cause problems that may require a reflash of the ECU to correct them.

  • In this case please unplug the adapter, restart your iOS or Android device and then connect again. Make sure flight mode is enabled and all Bluetooth connections (for streaming music for example) including the connection to the iDrive system are disconnected. It may also be necessary to restore the coding data using a backup.

  • The possibility to change the duration of the one-touch turn signal has been removed from the software in the car by BMW and it is no longer possible to change this.

  • For your own safety expert mode is not available for ECUs that contain safety related functions.

  • In demo mode no connection is established to the car and the displayed ECUs and options do not reflect what is available for your car. The available options for your car are listed here.


  • Yes, you can use the app on multiple devices without having to pay again, but please note that it is not possible to transfer a purchase from iOS to Android or vice versa.

  • No, this is not possible. The purchase is tied to your Apple ID or Google Account and it is technically impossible to transfer the purchase, so the full version has to be purchased again for the new operating system.

  • For iOS: If you already purchased the full version you can restore it by using the “Restore full version” option. Please make sure that you are using the same Apple ID that you were using for the initial purchase. You can find more information on this subject here.

    For Android: Please make sure that you are using the same Google ID that you were using for the initial purchase. The full version will then be restored automatically.